The Law Office of
Diane H. Gold
  In working with elders and their families, we make sure that our clients are well represented when obtaining home health care, entering a nursing home, and applying for services from senior service centers and MassHealth. Depending upon the needs of the elder, we can draft asset protection plans, assist with asset transfers, complete applications for MassHealth benefits, and work with your family so that they understand the planning being done for you and your loved ones. An informed family is a more content family.

We can also assist family members who need to obtain a conservatorship or guardianship over an elder due to the elder’s diminished capacity. We work with you to make sure that you are protected and that your family member’s best interests and needs are met.

MassHealth Applications
MassHealth (Massachusetts Medicaid) requires an applicant to own only $2,000.00 in countable assets. The Law Office of Diane H. Gold can help you to “spend down” your assets and transfer them to your loved ones while still insuring that you have as much control as possible. We can also help you to prepare your MassHealth Application and represent you at any hearing regarding your MassHealth application or eligibility.

At The Law Office of Diane H. Gold, we understand how difficult it is when a loved one needs assistance with taking care of him or herself. At some point you may need to apply to be the guardian or conservator for a loved one. While this is not an easy decision, we can help guide you through the process of applying to be the guardian or conservator, and we can help you to act in that capacity to the standards set by the courts.

You may ask what the difference between a conservator and a guardian is. The roles are very similar. As a conservator (also known as “guardian of the estate,” you have a duty to protect your loved one’s money and other assets. As guardian (also known as “guardian of the person”) you have a duty to protect your loved one’s physical person. Often, a guardian asks to act as guardian of the person as well as guardian of the estate of the loved one.

Nursing Homes
If you (or a loved one) is in a skilled nursing facility, the facility has a duty to treat you with respect and give you the medical attention you need. Additionally, barring unusual circumstances, the facility it not allowed to move you to a different room without your consent. If you believe that you or a loved one has been treated improperly at a skilled nursing facility, The Law Office of Diane H. Gold can work with you to contact the appropriate people at the facility and, if necessary, represent you in court to insure that you or your loved one is properly taken care of.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about Elder Law and how we can assist you and your family.

Medicare Part D
The Medicare Prescription Drug benefit takes effect January 1, 2006. Are you enrolled in a Medicare prescription drug plan? Do you even need to enroll at this time? If you are a Medicare recipient, The Law Office of Diane H. Gold can help you determine whether you need to enroll in a Medicare prescription drug program and which program is best for you based on your current medical needs. Let us take the confusion out of your prescription drug benefit choices.