The Law Office of
Diane H. Gold
  We work with buyers and sellers of residential property in the negotiation of the Purchase and Sale Agreement, the contract that explains the terms of your purchase or sale transaction. We can also help you to understand the process of buying or selling a home, and with our help, you and your family can have an easy transition into or out of a home.

For sellers, we work with you to make sure that a deed (the legal document that says who the owner of a home is) is properly drafted to the buyers of your house. We also can draft a Limited Power of Attorney so that you do not have to attend the closing (the meeting where the papers are passed) unless you so choose.

For buyers, we work with you to make sure your loan is on track to close on the date specified in the Purchase and Sale Agreement. We also work with you to make sure everything to be done in the Purchase and Sale Agreement is taken care of prior to the closing so that the house you are buying is ready for you to move into after the closing is finished.