The Law Office of
Diane H. Gold

Whether you are the executor of an estate, trustee of a trust, or the recipient of assets from an estate or trust, The Law Office of Diane H. Gold can help you.

Estate Probate
Probate is the process by which property and assets of an estate are distributed from an estate to recipients designated in a Will. If there is no Will, the estate will be distributed according to the laws of Massachusetts. Probate also includes paying debts and taxes as well as accounting for all assets of the estate.

While proper estate planning can save time and money in distributing assets, we can help you through the process of having a Will admitted to Probate, collecting and inventorying the estate assets, selling any real estate of an estate, and distributing assets of the estate. If there is no Will or the Will does not authorize the sale of real estate, we can help you to obtain a License to Sell from the Probate Court. We can also assist with estate tax returns and estate income tax returns.

Trust Administration
Trusts are commonly used estate planning tools, but acting as trustee of a trust can be difficult. The Law Office of Diane H. Gold can help you to interpret the legally required terms of the trust, make appropriate distributions from the trust, and terminate the trust when its legal obligations are completed. We can also assist in obtaining a federal identification number for the trust (similar to your personal Social Security Number) and filing the appropriate tax returns for the trust.

Trust and Estate Beneficiaries
Whether you are the beneficiary of a trust or the recipient of part of someone’s estate, The Law Office of Diane H. Gold can help to protect your rights.

As a beneficiary of a trust, you have the right to review the terms of the trust and to receive an accounting from the trustee at least once a year. We can help you to insure that the trust is being properly administered and make sure you are receiving your portion of the trust assets. If you are not, we can petition the Probate Court to correct any misappropriation of funds.

As a beneficiary of an estate, you have the right to receive your portion of the estate less certain estate expenses. The Law Office of Diane H. Gold can help to protect your rights by making sure that the estate expenses are not excessive and that estate expenses have not been unduly taken from your share of the estate. If you have not received all that you should have, we can petition the Probate Court to insure that you receive what is due to you.